Exploring the Art of Haute Joaillerie with Bogh-Art

Now in its seventh year, Geneva-based high-jeweller Bogh-Art is fast becoming a destination for fascinating pieces of jewellery. A visit to their boutique on Old Bond Street in London, a historic jewellery enclave, is a sparkling revelation with a line of jewellery that can be best described as “alchemy of treasured things.”

Using particularly fine gemstones, diamonds and incredible craftsmanship, the family-run Bogh-Art creates hauntingly beautiful Haute Joaillerie and Art of Inlay collections.

Launching a Glittering Journey

Launching a line of jewellery was but natural for the Boghossian family that has been in the gemstone industry and jewellery business for four generations now. Siblings Jean and Albert Boghossian began their glittering journey by creating exceptional pieces for other jewellers and brands. These pieces were prized among a circle of collectors and royalty.

Not content with being just another luxury jewellery brand and spurred by the desire to bring something new to the world of gems – to push the limits of jewellery design with innovative creations and developing new materials to bring alive their creations – the family launched Bogh-Art in 2007. The jewellery line features pieces fashioned using colourful and rare gemstones with unusual cuts, besides coming up with a steadily increased range using nouveau materials like titanium and carbon fibre.

We spoke to Bogh-Art’s founder and CEO Albert Boghossian as well as managing director, Roberto Boghossian, about the intricate world of gemstones and what it takes to craft dazzling pieces of jewellery.

Below are edited excerpts:

Tell us about Bogh-Art.

Albert: Creating a piece from contrasting and unusual elements is Bogh-Art’s brand vision. Each pieces of Haute Joaillerie has its own character and presence. I see contrasts as something rich, as you can always find harmony between two opposing elements. Through Bogh-Art, our aim is simply to keep up our uniqueness, to inspire new emotions with a combination of subtle but yet audacious colour combinations, elaborate stone cuts and contrasts.

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