Gifting Ideas: Tessa Packard’s Diamond Day scarves

Tessa Packard’s love for gemstone cuts, specifically those found in the magical world of diamonds, has led her to design the Diamond Day scarf. Earlier this year, Packard designed a red version for a client, who saw the prototype and ordered 30 of the scarves to gift her friends.

The scarf’s hand-drawn gemstones were originally designed for a bespoke jewellery workshop: Packard thought it might be helpful to give her clients a visual guide of the various gemstone shapes in front of them. Looking at all the different cuts on one page got her thinking about diamond-patterned wallpaper, quickly followed by diamond-patterned fabric. That’s how the idea for the Diamond Day scarf was born.

The Diamond Day scarf has been produced in collaboration with Rampley & Co, a British company specialising in the production of silk accessories.

Packard has also made accompanying pocket squares for men in the same gemstone motif. Both will be available to purchase online and in the showroom. It is currently only available in colourways of taupe/grey/white.

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