Pick of the Week: Wireless Speakers

What We Like: AeroTwist Bluetooth Speakers by Jarre Technologies

Why We Like It: ‘Someone with a quirky personal style and a soul for music’— if this is what best describes you, then you might want to add some doughnut-shaped glimmer to your wardrobe. Did we mention it’s an uber-cool portable speaker? Jarre’s new bluetooth speaker AeroTwist, is a fashionable additional to your eclectic wardrobe. The thing we totally love about this wireless gadget is that it is flexible and can be attached to your bag-straps. If you’re one to cycle, then you could loop it on to your two-wheeler too. It has four loud-speakers, coupled with an integrated subwoofer for impeccable sound clarity and impact—perhaps think out of the box and consider this as an alternate high-powered boardroom meeting audio gear?

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