Picture Perfect

Take a winter break at the uniquely designed five-star Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Arosa, in Switzerland. Look at bit closer, and there’s something unexpected about the hotel: it paints a picture-perfect portrait with nine surreal looking ‘light trees’ designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta. Towering over the four-storey hotel and its grandiose spa, these filigree sails of glass and steel add drama to the Tschuggen Grand Hotel. Considered one among the best winter hotels in the region, it offers panoramic views of the deep blue skies and snow-blanketed landscape.

For some years now, the hotel has become an all-year luxury setting offering a thrilling ride. The highlight here is the two-and-a-half minute ride on board the Tschuggen Express. The hotel’s very own train zips across the mountain to take you into the heart of Arosa’s skiing and hiking area.

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