Ralph Masri opens flagship store in Beirut

Lebanese jeweller Ralph Masri has launched his flagship showroom in Beirut. The new store, located on Wegand Street in Downtown Beirut, was designed by his partner, Tanios Abou Khalil.  The main store space is compact and exudes an intimate gallery feel rather than a retail atmosphere, with all the jewellery displayed in glass cases embedded within a beautiful stone and marble wall that resemble gemstones in their raw form.  The designer decided to forego a traditional desk to sit behind with clients sitting across from him, but rather utilize a beautiful long sofa (by Lebanese brand Kann Design) and a custom-made coffee table for a more relaxed and comfortable ambience. Masri didn’t want the experience for clients to feel transactional, but rather more personal, where they could sit and talk, play with jewellery and have coffee.

The space has two levels – the basement being Masri’s new workshop – instead of a traditional stair railing, a striking brass structure around the stairs adds drama and transforms into an imposing architectural element in line with the designer’s design aesthetic.

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