Why Kids Love the Mira Pedal Car

Miniature cars are always a fun way to give kids a head start on driving and Mira showcases the best of Italian manufacturing with this little drive. While taking inspiration from the Ferrari 375 Indy (1952), this four-wheeler is built from high-tech materials—the monocoque chassis is made from carbon/fibre glass, connections are made of Ergal (aluminium alloy) and disc wheels from carbon/Kevlar. In the carbon version, the 150cm-long racing car weighs only 8.5kg, which means pedalling it is mere child’s play. The Mira, though light, is very stable and is aimed at children aged between three and six.

Things get fancier with the cherry wood steering wheel specially crafted by Nardi (the legendary steering wheel manufacturer). And if you want to snaz up your kid’s drive furthermore, opt for a tailor-made leather seats by Schedoni, the Modena-based Ferrari supplier.


The car has been designed by Enrico Campari, who learned his craft in the racing department of Ferrari in Maranello. The pedal car comes from the heartland of Italian motor racing and is handcrafted at the Italian Scuderie Campari factory in Felino near Parma.

Each pedal car has ample scope of customisation, with the basic version of Mira priced at €6,500 (Rs 5.4 lakh).

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